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A Week of Cleansing

"Your body will thank you!"

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Prep before juice cleansing

Drink lots of water all day

Consume a vegetable cleanse drink a minimum of 6 x day (ever 3 hours)

Do light exercise


Eat light before jumping back into meals after cleansing

Why Cleanse

Whether you want to reset unhealthy eating habits, lose weight, or just improve your overall health, juice cleansing is probably one of the diets you’ve considered.


To get the most out of your cleanse, you need to make sure you know how to do a juice cleanse the right way.


The following is a bit more info on what a juice cleanse is and why you might want to give one a try.

A juice cleanse is a diet where you consume only fruit and vegetable juices for up to several days at a time.

These juices flood your body with nourishing vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial plant compounds, while giving your body a break from the processed foods found in most modern diets.

Juice cleanses sometimes get a bad rap for the lack of scientific evidence supporting them, but real studies on the benefits of juicing are now starting to be published.


Some of the first studies on juice cleansing found that doing a cleanse the right way can definitely be a good thing.

Here’s a few reasons (backed by science) that you should try a juice cleanse:

*Improved Digestion

*Decreased Risk of Disease

*Better Heart Health

*Getting rid of Toxins


Start Prepping 3-5 days before you start your cleanse

  • Eliminate toxins

  • Eliminate inflammatory foods

  • Eliminate processed foods 

  • Go on a plant-based diet

  • Get rid of any temptations around the house



If you’re doing a premade cleanse, just stick with the instructions you’re given. If you are making your own juices, you should be drinking a 16 oz juice every 2-3 hours for a total of 5-6 juices per day.

It’s very important that you stick to the juice schedule, don’t skip a juice or double up.

What you might experience

  • Tired: Expect to go to bed early and sleep great while cleansing.

  • Energy Highs & Lows: The flood of vitamins and minerals will give you a natural energy boost after each juice, but the lack of food can sap your energy especially in the afternoons.

  • Moodiness: Along with not eating comes the inevitable irritability. This is usually worst on the first day of the juice cleanse.

After the Cleanse

  1. Start With Smoothies Or Soups: Your body is used to a liquid diet so for the first 1-2 meals after your cleanse, I recommend going with a blended soup or smoothie.

  2. Move To Solid Plant Based Foods: Once you’re ready for more solid foods, try having a plant based salad. You can make it more filling by adding some nuts or seeds as a topping!

  3. Slowly Reintroduce Other Food Groups: Finally, you can slowly start to reintroduce normal foods, etc. into your diet as you see fit.

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