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Budget Meals

(Budg-et) an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time


Meals under $10

The average household income in America is $61,937 according to the 2019 Census Bureau.


The average college graduate salary is $47,000.   

There are nearly 13.6 million single parents raising over 21 million children, mostly women.

The average vegan spends $250 per month on groceries compared to the average person who spends $350 per month on groceries.

The majority of people live on a budget...  The great news is eating a plant based diet is really affordable and tastes great too!  


Top Rated Radial Recipes

Tofu tacos.jpg

Avocado Flatbread

Sweet Potato Quinoa Tacos

Tofu Taco's

Cider Glazed Roasted Squash.jpg

Roasted Cider Glazed Squash

Black Bean Enchiladas


Vegetable Pho Noodle Bowl

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