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Berry Burst

"Taste of Summer"

Berry juice.jpg


1 cup strawberries


1 cup blueberries


1 cup raspberries 

1 medium cucumber

2 medium carrots

4 oz coconut water

PREP 10 MIN    |    COOK 0 MIN     |    TOTAL 10 MIN 

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Highlights & Tips

Making this juice takes a juicer and blender so make sure you have both before you start.  It's always best to have a "base" to your juice.  Picking a vegetable that has a good amount of liquid like cucumbers, carrots or celery.  

You will want to juice your vegetables first.  Then  add the vegetable juice to the blender and add the berries and blend till silky smooth.  


Health Benefits


Each fruit and vegetable has several benefits!  The best things about this juice is the burst of berry flavor you get when making it.

Raspberries are low in sugar, contain several antioxidants, high in fiber and help aids in fighting cancer.

Strawberries boosts your immune system, helps with bloating and helps keep your brain sharp!

Blueberries are full of antioxidants, helps with blood pressure, skin health, cancer prevention and aids in strengthening bones.


Recipe Supplies


Blenders are a must in your kitchen especially if you want to make juice or smoothies!


Use some easy to use and clean chopping boards to chop up your fruits and vegetables

cutting matts.jpg

Purchase your own juicer for home to quickly whip up a fresh glass of juice.  There are so many juicers on the market but you can start with a simple one that is inexpensive to see if juicing is for you


You can use any glass you want for this drink.  I like glass tumblers or a mason jar.  Add some fresh mint as a garnish and you have the best juice to enjoy!

Budget Tips

If you want to save a little money make your own juice.  If you buy your produce in bulk and clean and prep things yourself you will save a little money.  I purchase some of my vegetables at a club like Costco or a local farmers market.  I'm blessed to live near a weekly farmers market and know several vendors who give me a deal on fresh veggies if I buy bulk and buy often!    If a farmers market is not available try asking your local grocery manager if they can get a bigger pack size of fresh fruit and vegetables.  You would be surprised what you might find.

Storage Recommendations

Mason Jars.jpg

Storage is VERY important when holding on to your juice!  First it's important to know if using a centrifugal juicer your fresh juice will only be good for 24 hours if sealed in a tight jar or bottle in the refrigerator.  If using a masticating or cold press juicer you can hold onto your juice for 3-4 days in a refrigerator.

Its best to drink your fresh juice right away but if you can't place it in a tight sealed jar or bottle with little air.  The sooner you drink your fresh juice the more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you will consume!


What to do with left over's or extra product?

Make a scrumptious berry salad or cut up some remaining fruit for part of your breakfast.  It's also tasty to add some berries to a green kale salad.  You can also dip them into vegan chocolate and have chocolate or add vegan chocolate chips into the center of the raspberries for a sweet snack!

Berry Burst

Original on Transparent.png

PREP 10 MIN    |    COOK 0 MIN     |    TOTAL 10 MIN    


1 cup strawberries

1 cup raspberries

1 cup blueberries

1 medium cucumber

2 large carrots

4 oz coconut water


Make sure you clean and wash your vegetables and fruit before you make your juice.  This is especially important because you will be consuming this juice in it's natural raw state, the way nature intended and no one wants to get sick!

Step 1

Step 2

Add your cucumber then carrots to the juicer.  Take the veggie juice and add it to a blender.

Once the veggie juice is added to the blender you can add all your berries and coconut water, then blend till silky smooth.

Step 3


Berry juice.jpg

Step 4

Poor your berry juice into a glass and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.  Enjoy your berry burst fresh made juice.  You might just get hooked on it!


□ Calories      197   Cal

□ Protein           4    grams

□ Fiber             17    grams

□ Sugar            18    grams

□ Carbs           40    grams

□ Fat                0      grams

nut free.jpg


Wash your fruit and vegetables really well to prevent any sickness.  We suggest adding a couple tablespoons of white distilled vinegar to the water when cleaning your fruits and vegetables.  Then set you produce out on a towel to dry off before storing.  This will help prevent molding.

If you don't like seeds you can strain the juice to get rid of the seeds.

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