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Tofu Tacos

"Another great way to use up your tofu!"

Tofu tacos.jpg


4 six inch corn tortilla shells

1 cup extra firm tofu cubed

1 small tomato chopped

1 green onion diced

1/2 avocado pitted and diced

1 tsp turmeric powder 

1/4 tsp garlic salt

pepper to taste

PREP 10 MIN    |    COOK 5 MIN     |    TOTAL  15 MIN

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Highlights & Tips

Tacos in the morning is such a great way to start the day!  Whipping up some tofu tacos is quick and easy.  The best part is you can use what topping you may have around the house like salsa, fresh veggies or lettuce to top these off.  

The best way to season the tofu is with turmeric powder and garlic powder with pepper to taste.

Its a nice touch if you warm up your tortilla shells in the microwave for 10 seconds or over a gas stove to warm up but be careful not to scorch the shell.


Health Benefits

Turmeric has numerous health benefits.  Reducing cholesterol, contains bioactive compounds that assist with inflammation, is a strong antioxidant and is linked to improve brain function.

Avocados not only taste amazing but adds a wealth of benefits to your foods.  You get over 25 minerals and vitamins in an avocado, contains a ton of potassium, has heart healthy fats and reduces blood pressure.


Recipe Supplies

avocado slicer.jpg

Slice up your avocado easily with this hand held slicer!

Dino taco.jpg

Purchase wraps to make this meal quick and easy.

Corn Tortilla photo.jpg
Tortilla press.jpg

Get this tortilla press if you want to make your own wraps!


Tacos can be served up in many ways but if you have kiddos they love this Dino Taco holder!  Its a great way to get them excited to try this new taco and if they add the toppings they want it gets them involved.

Budget Tips

This is a relatively inexpensive meal to make but if you want to save a little money you can make your own tortilla wraps.  Making your own wraps is not too complicated but you do need to invest in a tortilla press in the beginning.  You can purchase your tofu in bulk at a club store and safe a good deal of funds just pay attention to the shelf life on the packaging.  Lastly purchase your turmeric online or in the bulk food section of a grocery store.  This is always better than purchasing the small jars in the spice section of a grocery store.

food containers.jpg

Storage Recommendations

The perfect way to keep any left overs like tofu, veggies is a good storage container that is air tight. 


To keep your wraps warm or store them when you are done you can us a good sealed container specific for wrap or pancakes!

Tortilla warmer.jpg

Food Combinations

There are so many typical things you can serve up with your tacos!  One of the best things is fresh guacamole.  If avocado is not your preferred flavor you can add a fresh salsa, hot sauce, cream sauce made with a non diary cream.


What to do with left over's or extra product?

If you have left over tofu and vegetables you can make up a Buddha bowl for lunch or dinner!  You can always juice your left over veggies also or toss your extra tofu in a soup!  Very versatile items.

Tofu Tacos

Original on Transparent.png

PREP 15 MIN    |    COOK 5 MIN     |    TOTAL 20 MIN



Tofu tacos.jpg


4 six inch corn tortilla shells

1 cup extra firm tofu cubed

1 small tomato chopped

1 green onion diced

1/2 avocado pitted and diced

1 tsp turmeric powder 

1/4 tsp garlic salt

pepper to taste


□ Calories         310   Cal

□ Protein            14    grams

□ Fiber                4     grams

□ Sugar              2    grams

□ Carbs             30    grams

□ Fat                 13    grams

nut free.jpg

Step 1

Chop up your onion, tomato and avocado and set aside to top your tacos.

Step 2


Take your tofu and dice into bite size cubes and place in a small mixing bowl.  Toss in your turmeric powder, garlic salt and pepper and mix well.  Cook up the tofu over medium heat on a cook top, tossing to heat up all sides for about 5-10 minutes.  Set aside while you are heating up your wraps.

Step 3

Heat up the tortilla wraps in the microwave for 30 seconds or heat over a gas stove top flipping on both sides for 5-10 seconds trying not to burn the shell.  Set aside in a warming shell container or wrap them in foil.

Step 4

Build your tacos by placing a shell on your serving plate.  Add your tofu and top your tacos with your preferred toppings of choice.  You are ready to enjoy!


You can add any spice or seasoning to your tofu like the traditional taco seasoning or a marinade of your choice if you prefer.  Add a little water to the tofu so the seasoning coats well if your mixture is lumpy.  Tacos are best if you warm up your shells before serving.  

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