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1 green apple

1/2 medium avocado

1 tbls peanut butter

5 oz cashew milk


1 scoop plant protein powder 

1 tsp agave nectar

1/4 cup ice

PREP 15 MIN    |    COOK 0 MIN     |    TOTAL 15 MIN 

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Highlights & Tips

When making smoothies it's best to invest in a blender that has a strong enough motor to last for a few years.  There are some great ones out there but this Ninja blender does the job and is under $100.  If you want to invest in a blender that will last a long time purchase a Vitamix blender.

You can make your own nut milk or find dehydrated milk to use.  Cashew is a great silky milk but you can use any nut milk you prefer.


green apple.jfif

Health Benefits

Green apples invigorate your skin, improves digestion, protects vision, detoxifies your liver and strengthens your joints

Avocados are a great heart healthy fat, contains a high amount of potassium, contains a high amount of fiber, can help decrease obesity and diabetes.


Recipe Supplies

cashew milk.jpg

Buy this cashew dry milk and make your own quick and not waste extra fresh nut milk.


This is a great product to use and is much easier to mix in smoothies than regular peanut butter.

peanut butter powder.jpg
protein powder.jpg

Use a plant based unflavored protein powder this way you can add this to any juice or smoothie you make when you want extra protein.


This is a high nutrient healthy drink so we often serve it in a smaller tumbler.  Garnish it with fresh cut green apple and top it off with fresh berries!

Budget Tips

If you want to save a little money make your own smoothies.  If you buy your produce in bulk and clean and prep things yourself you will save a little money.  Purchase your produce at a farmers market to support your local business or if you can eat up all the yummy produce buy them at a club like Costco.

You can make your own milk which will save you a little money but you will need to invest in a milk maker or purchase a dry powder nut milk which is quick to whip up!

Storage Recommendations


Storing your fruit is best to place them in food containers specifically made to hold fruit and vegetables.  If you store your produce correctly you will get a longer shelf life out of them.

If you have left over nut milk use a tight sealed glass pitcher to hold your product.  This will also extend the shelf life and should last a couple days.  We do not suggest storing your smoothie, its best to drink it up right away!

Product Containers.jpg

What to do with left over's or extra product?

Use you left over avocados to make guacamole for a dip or avocado toast!  If you have left over nut milk you can make some fresh ice cream and add in your favorite fruit!  

Apples can store up for several days if not weeks depending how fresh they are.

Health Nut

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PREP 15 MIN    |    COOK 0 MIN     |    TOTAL 15 MIN    


1 green apple

1/2 medium avocado

1 tbls peanut butter

5 oz cashew milk

1 scoop plant protein powder 

1 tsp agave nectar

1/4 cup ice


Make sure you clean and wash your fruit before you make your smoothie.  This is especially important because you will be consuming this drink in it's natural raw state, the way nature intended and no one wants to get sick!

Step 1

Step 2

Once your fruit is cleaned start prepping the avocado by cutting it in half and scooping out the pit with a spoon.  Then you can take that same spoon and scoop out the flesh discarding the skin.  Proceed to peel and core your apple.

Toss in your avocado, apple, peanut butter, cashew milk, plant protein and agave nectar into the blender and puree till smooth.  Add in the ice and pulse to mix and get the ice chopped.

Step 3



Step 4

Once you finished blending the smoothie poor into a glass tumbler.  Garnish with fresh sliced apples and enjoy your delicious smoothie!


□ Calories      428   Cal

□ Protein          14    grams

□ Fiber              7    grams

□ Sugar            15    grams

□ Carbs           33    grams

□ Fat                24      grams


Make your own fresh nut milk or purchase dry powdered nut milk if you want to save time.  Use a dry peanut butter powder to add to your smoothies this makes the blending easier.  Add the ice at the very end to give the smoothie a cool fresh taste!


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